Are Video Interviews Right For Your Company?

(PRWEB UK) 5 July 2012

When it comes to recruitment, the internet is changing the way companies are doing things, from online job boards to sourcing talent through social media sites, the days of advertising (or looking) for applicants in one place have long gone. When it comes to interviewing staff many firms still hold that interviews should be done face to face but with applicants available all over the world, here are three reasons why your company should take advantage of the ability to interview via video and increase your talent pool:

1. If a job can be done from a remote location, allowing candidates to interview via video means that you can accept applications from all over the world, instantly increasing the talent pool to which you have access.

2. Video interviews can be recorded and watched back at a later time to give you another look at the candidates. Videos can be shown to staff members who were not able to be present at the interview but are needed when a decision is being made regarding hiring staff.

3. Offering video interviews will show your company in a favourable light, appearing progressive and forward thinking. Applicants will also appreciate the travelling expenses that it saves them.

While many positions will still require face to face interviews where both parties are in the same room, the availability of cloud computing means that more and more jobs can be done remotely so do not dismiss video interviewing when you are trying to fill that position.