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If you wish to use your card to build your credit, make sure that is a feature of the card.

For more convenience, you can get a free prepaid credit card that is sold in retail stores.

Get a Free Prepaid Credit Card to Help Build Your Credit

This rewards credit card has proven to be a touchdown with fans across the country and has made huge strides in the rewards credit card industry.; Like many retailers, universities and airlines have done for decades, NFL football teams, in association with Bank of America, now offer credit card consumers valuable rewards above and beyond the cool factor of having their favorite team printed on their credit cards.; These football-oriented credit cards are scoring big with sports fans in every state.

The NFL Extra Points™ Platinum Plus® Visa®™ Credit Card from Bank of America has important features, which include:

• A $50 gift card after your first qualifying transaction(s) using your NFL Extra Points™ Visa® Credit Card.