Album Artwork Database – Automatically Get Album Artwork From the Largest Online Music Database

A good album art database isn’t very hard to find. But did you know you can automatically download and sync cover art to your iTunes?

Having no album artwork can be a very big nuisance. And on top that, having an unruly digital music collection is even more annoying, and can lead to duplicate mp3s which waste valuable hard drive space. For those of us music downloaders that like order in our lives, a little program that organizes iTunes can work wonders for us.

As far as album art databases go, you can easily do a web search and find plenty of them. But then you still have to go through the trouble of downloading and adding them to your iTunes library one by on. If you have thousands of songs and albums as I do this can be a very long process. Luckily during my search for the best album art database I can across a program that can get album art automatically!

The application scans your music files, finds all the mp3s that are missing album art, and downloads the images from their online album artwork database and syncs it up with your albums/songs. The best part is the cover art downloader isn’t even the main feature. Here is a list of thing this software can accomplish.

Fix Mp3 Tags Automatically

Get Album Artwork

Organize iTunes Genres

Deletes Duplicate Songs

Fix Misspelled Songs (Even Track 01’s and Unknown Artists!)

So whether you just need to use their amazing album artwork database or you want to completely organize your music library, a music library organizer is a great tool to use.