6 Of The 10 Fastest Growing Economies In The World Are In Africa! What Does That Mean For African Businesses And Businesses Around The World?

6 Of The 10 Fastest Growing Economies In The World Are In Africa! What Does That Mean For African Businesses And Businesses Around The World?

(PRWEB) August 03, 2011

In a recent visit to Africa, David Cameron the UK’s Prime Minister made this statement “Tell me this: which part of the world has seen its number of democracies increase nearly eight-fold in just two decades? Eastern Europe? No, it’s Africa. Which continent has six of the ten fastest growing economies in the world? Asia? No, it’s Africa. Which country is predicted by some to have the highest average GDP growth in the world over the next 40 years? You might think Brazil, Russia, India or China. No. Think Africa. Think Nigeria. The point I want to make today, is this: This can be Africa’s moment. Africa is transforming in a way no-one thought possible 20 years ago, and suddenly a whole new future seems within reach.”

When MyWeku launched their website, MyWeku.com, 18 months ago, they set out to develop a general-interest blog, that linked to and made commentaries on Africa related stories and news of the day that appealed to a global audience. They aim to emulate the success of their favourite blog, the Huffington Post! 4 months ago an Africa Discussion Forum was added to the blog to provide a space where readers can network, connect and interact on African politics, African Business, African art and many more.

What they didn’t realize, however, was that the African business environment was about to be transformed beyond recognition. In the last few months Africa Business discussions in their forum have revolved around which Western company is scrambling to get a foot through the door in Africa. The curators of MyWeku also realized that there was not a single Africa Business Directory or Africa Business Listings website of note online. These two realizations led to the creation of the Myweku Africa Business Directory. After all, what better way is there to connect African Businesses with other businesses and global consumers than to do so online?

The aim of the Africa Business Directory is to provide a one-stop comprehensive portal where Africans, Americans, Europeans, Asians and all people around the world can go to for a listing of African businesses of all sizes by categories. The Africa Directory also provides several opportunities for businesses owners to:

1.    Promote their business by providing descriptions of what their businesses do online.

2.    Publicise their websites (including website link), business logo and product images.

3.    List contact details such as email addresses, location maps and telephone numbers.

4.    Be notified by email about users / customers searching for their services, giving the business owner a chance to follow up on the lead.

5.    Be “seen” and “heard” on social media sites, as users of the Directory share and bookmark their favourite and most useful business listings.

As stated by Nii Thompson, the founder of MyWeku, “There will be hundreds of thousands of people looking for products and services such as where to stay on trips to African countries, where the nearest dentist is and what sort of recreation activities each African country offers etc in a booming Africa. There will also be numerous business owners looking for reputable African businesses that can meet their business needs. So where do they start? I am hoping that with the functionality of our Business Directory and the stature of the MyWeku brand, it will be here!”

To learn more and to add a business to their Africa Business Directory, click here: MyWeku Africa Business Directory.


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