5 Recession-Proof Industries That Are Actually Hiring

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It’s good to know that not every industry is impacted by the recession in the same way.  There are still those industries that continue to thrive in spite of what is going on in the world around them. Here are 5 recession-proof industries that are actually hiring.  Now you know where to look when you need a job.

Health Care

People get sick and injured.  A recession does nothing to change that so these people still need medical care.  Actually, a recession might make this field even more lucrative because people are stressed and that contributes to illness.  Add to this the  fact that the older segment of the population is growing in numbers and you can see why the health care field is recession-proof.  If you have skills that will allow you to get a job in this field then you will always be set.

Government Jobs

The government still needs to get everything that it does, done during a recession.  Add to this the fact that the government tries not to eliminate jobs if at all possible during a recession.  Instead, it tries to create new jobs to help the economy as a whole get turned around.  And once you get a government job then you can count on this job to be around.  Now, there may be some exceptions, but for the most part,  government jobs are pretty much recession-proof.

Miscellaneous Necessities

There is a group of jobs that is being called miscellaneous necessities for the purpose of this list.  These jobs provide services that people need no matter what the economy is doing.  Included in this group are: hair stylists, plumbers, and electricians.

Just think about it.  Do you need these workers any less because of an economic downturn?  Are you really going to go without their services until the recession is over?  You probably won’t and this is why these jobs are recession-proof.

Food Manufacturers

People have to eat, and in times like these,  people tend to over indulge rather than cut back on food.  Food is one of the pleasures in life that is still affordable, so people turn to it for that extra joy in life.  This is why food manufacturers are still hiring.

A side bonus is that food production workers often do not need special skills or training.  If you can find a job like this, then you can probably do it no matter how skilled or unskilled you are. While people eat out less during a recession, when they do decide to splurge,  they go for cheap food. So fast food restaurants tend to be safe in recessions too.

Movie Related Industries

People also turn to movies as an inexpensive pleasure.  While actually going to the movies may be expensive, staying home and watching them is not.  But even actual movie theatres are making big money when times are difficult. So, the movie related industries are still hiring.

These are 5 recession-proof industries that are actually hiring.  People cannot cut back on everything so some jobs are relatively safe.  All you need to do is figure out what people cannot live without and find a job that helps provide that.

Tom Rheinecker writes about how to get a Master in HR.