5 Good Resons web programmers

First, 95% of the population is literate. Early in the 20th Century, Costa Rica abolished it’s military in favor of education. The country now boasts some of the most educated people in Latin America. Modern technology such as IIS/Apache, MySQL/MSSQL, PHP/.NET/JAVA, and Windows/Unix are common. Software licensing from Sun, Microsoft, Adobe, and other major web empowering companies can be much less expensive.
Second, there is an increasingly large labor pool of people willing to work for a fraction of equivalent US wages. The cost of equivalent labor is half that of the US Also, continuing education and technical certification is proportionally less expensive. Payroll taxes, Social Security Taxes, UI Taxes, and the the multitude of laws covering US employees simply doesn’t exist in Costa Rica at the same level of complexity, thereby reducing the drain on human resources.
Next, Costa Rica is in the Central time zone which means that operations exist at the same time as US. 2am phone calls to Pakistan can be a thing of the past. For those times when you have daytime emergencies or programming that needs to be done by close-of-business, this is a fantastic benefit of Costa Rica. There is also no jet lag to deal with when flying in and out of the country.
Fourth, there are a lot more people in the US and those people have a lot more job offers coming at them, which means they are less depending on your company. This means that people in Costa Rica inherently recognize that they are more dependent, and often times you can depend on having a long term employee if you so-choose. A majority of the country’s population is centered in San Jose, a major hub. And that’s not going to change anytime soon.
Lastly, Costa Rica is only a three-hour flight from Houston and Miami. If you have workers in San Jose, you can meet with them faster than flying to many parts of the United States. Lodging is inexpensive, and executive suites are available throughout Costa Rica. In reality, it can be cheaper to travel to Costa Rica than to many US destinations. Nearly all of these locations have access to high-speed internet and cellular service, making communication seamless.
For these 5 reasons, Costa Rica should be one of the main places you look to when considering foreign labor for your firm. Not only that, it’s a fantastic place to live or visit.
Shane Messer controls Made To Order Websites, a web design company in Nashville. For business people visiting Costa Rica, contact Travel Costa Rica for a central place in downtown San Jose.