3 Advantages of Web Hosting Plans That Offer Unlimited Domains

Need a domain name? How about several of them? If so, you need to choose a web hosting plan that allows multiple domains at no extra cost.

There are a lot of people these days that make money online with sites called micro niches. These are websites created focusing on keywords that have little but very focused traffic. Visitors that come to these mico niche sites tend to be very targeted and much more willing to buy what you are offering.

If you follow a strategy like this or just want to build a small family of sites, you need to find web hosting companies and web hosting plans that offer the option of hosting unlimited domains for no extra charge.

What this allows you to do is buy an unlimited amount of domain names and have all of those domains on one plan. If you choose a host plan that allows this, you could add a new domain name any time you want and never have to buy hosting again.

Even if you don’t plan to have more than one website right now, once you create one, you will probably want to create another.

Sound like a good idea? Let’s look at 3 advantages to a web hosting plan that allows multiple domains.

Ease of Use

I use a web hosting plan with unlimited domains because I have many websites. I can do anything I need with my sites all in one place. Need to create emails? Check. Need to view statistics? Check. Need to backup my databases? I can do all of this and more through one cPanel.

Because I do have unlimited domains on my hosting plan, I can get to every one of them with only one FTP login. Just recently I changed my tracking code on each of my websites. It was a whole lot easier to do this without having to log in and out each time!


Generally a hosting company that allows many domains is very reliable. This means that your websites and your data will be around for a long time. A reliable web hosting company that allows unlimited domain hosting will make your job a whole lot easier. You don’t have to worry about working hard to get people to your site and your website not being available.

Be sure that your web hosting company has very good uptime. If you make a good choice, then having all of your domains on one server means that you won’t have to worry about checking various servers to make sure your sites are up and running.


Web hosting plans with unlimited domains are usually inexpensive. You can buy a hosting plan for less than $7 a month easily. For that reason, a plan with unlimited domains will eventually save you hundreds of dollars each month.