Mozilla Firefox Mobile WAP Browser – Coming soon for Mobile Phone Download

Mozilla firefox has launched Mobile version browser to download as beta for Nokia

When it’s about Mobile internet browsing Opera Mini is widely used as a wapbrowser worldwide. Now, there is a good news for Firefox Likers. Mozilla Firefox is working hard these days to come up with their Mobile browser version. As a beta version, it is currently available for Nokia N900.

Download Firefox for mobile:

Visit on your Nokia N900

Download Firefox 1.1 beta:

Visit on your Nokia N900
The version is able to encrypt all the information a user receives and sends it back through the cloud. Also it can sync with the desktop version of the browser.
Also Mozila which is considered to be the parent company of Firefox, is developing versions for Google’s Android as well as Microsoft’s Windows operating systems.
Those who have, iPhones and want to have Firefox on their desktop, they will have to wait a bit, as the company has to synchronize their desktop.
But still Opera is considered to be the most popular mobile browser at present. It is available for many mobile handsets.
Features: Firefox, a well known browser, is preparing to unveil its version for mobiles. Jay Sullivan who was in charge of the project said that the mobile version underwent various tests and would be launched by the end of the year. He also added a user would not have to sit in the evening and work on their PC, instead he would be able to walk. In case he received some urgent documents that he had to read there would be no necessity to back home and check his e-mail, as his mobile would be equipped withFirefox mobile version.
It’s built on the same engine as the desktop Firefox 3.6 and is packed full of familiar features. Watch the video to see how you’ve helped us get here and where we’re going next.