Google unveils Project Starline that lets you feel like you’re having a face-to-face conversation from a far distance

Project Starline is Google’s ambitious project unveiled in 2021 that promised to revolutionize remote communication by simulating the feeling of being physically present with someone even when miles apart. Fast forward three years later, Google is now bringing the technology out of the lab and into the workplace, with a focus on connecting distributed teams and individuals.

For years, Google has teased the potential of Project Starline, suggesting it will redefine remote interaction. Now, the project is on the brink of realization, slated for launch next year.

Following extensive testing across Google offices and with corporate collaborators, Google reports that Starline meetings offer a remarkably immersive experience, similar to being in the same room. This heightened sense of presence translates to improved engagement, enhanced memory retention, and heightened attentiveness, transforming remote interactions into lifelike encounters.

Project Starline: Feel Like You’re There, Together

Project Starline employs cutting-edge AI, 3D imaging, and other technologies to create a virtual “magic window,” enabling seamless communication regardless of geographical separation. Users can converse, gesture, and establish eye contact as if physically present with their counterparts.

“In 2021, we announced Project Starline, a breakthrough technology that lets you feel like you’re in the same room as the person you’re talking to, even when you’re apart. ✨ Now, we’re bringing it out of the lab and into the workplace,” Google said in a post on X.


In a recent blog post, Google confirmed its plans to unveil the Project Starline AI video calling platform next year. While specific details regarding the launch remain scarce, Google has announced its intention to initially introduce Project Starline on HP products, signaling the beginning of a new era in remote communication technology.

“We’re partnering with HP to start commercialization of this unique experience in 2025,” Google wrote in a blog post,” and are working to enable it directly from the video conferencing services you use today — such as Google Meet and Zoom.”

The fusion of HP’s mastery in computing with their strategic investment in Poly’s collaboration solutions positions them exceptionally well to introduce groundbreaking and inventive experiences on a global scale.

In a statement, Alex Cho, President of Personal Systems at HP says, “With more than half of meaning and intent communicated through body language versus words alone, an immersive collaboration experience plays an important role in creating authentic human connections in hybrid environments. We are proud to partner with Google to bring this technology to market, harnessing the power of AI to shape the future of collaboration.”

Below is a YouTube video overview of Project Starline.