GOMBLE gets $10M to fuel Web3 gaming push

In a move that signals a new era in gaming, Gomble Games, a spinoff of the renowned game studio ‘111%’, has secured a $10 million in cumulative investment to advance its vision for Web3 gaming. The initial round in 2023 saw participation from global venture capital heavyweights like Spartan, Animoca Brands, Altos Ventures, and Shima Capital. Recent rounds witnessed additional backing from Hashed, IOSG Ventures, Foresight Ventures, and BigBrain Holdings.

Gomble Games emerges from the legacy of ‘111%’, famed for producing viral sensations like Random Dice and BBTAN, amassing a colossal user base exceeding 100 million players over seven years. However, Gomble Games is set to chart its own course by bridging the gap between traditional (web2) gaming and the blockchain-powered (web3) future.

Chris Chang, Chief Business Officer at Gomble Games, articulates the vision succinctly: “At Gomble Games, we’re firm believers in collaborative game development and community engagement. Our mission is to craft immersive games where every player’s interaction shapes the evolving world they inhabit, delivering seamless and enjoyable gaming experiences.”

The infusion of capital underscores Gomble Games’ commitment to elevating web2 gaming into the blockchain domain, prioritizing enriched gaming experiences, sustainable economies, and active participation.

At the heart of Gomble Games lies its three pillars: Dynamic Change, Reversal Opportunity, and Simplicity, engineered to provide players with captivating, ever-evolving gaming experiences. The project’s overarching goal is to establish a self-sustaining ecosystem where user engagement directly translates into revenue, fostering a mutually beneficial environment for players and developers alike.

Looking ahead, Gomble Games envisions the establishment of a participatory DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), where users morph from mere players into integral contributors across marketing, game production, and beyond. This inclusive framework extends to third-party developers, who are poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the ecosystem’s robust economic infrastructure.

Chris Chang emphasizes, “By nurturing an environment where every contribution is valued and incentivized, we’re not just crafting games; we’re cultivating a community where everyone shares in our success.”

Kelvin Koh, Co-founder of Spartan, lauds Gomble Games’ innovative approach, stating, “With the surge in mobile gaming, hypercasual mobile games are primed to usher users into web3. Gomble Games, with its crypto-native team, blends addictive game mechanics with a profound understanding of the web3 gamer community. We’re thrilled to support Chris and his team and eagerly anticipate their upcoming creations.”

Armed with this latest funding injection, Gomble Games is poised to spearhead a transformative journey within the gaming industry, promising heightened fun, engagement, and rewards for all stakeholders.

Founded a few years ago, Gomble Games represents the cutting edge of web3 gaming, stemming from the esteemed legacy of game studio 111%. With a steadfast commitment to user participation and an open ecosystem for web3 integration, Gomble Games is dedicated to revolutionizing the gaming experience. Leveraging the foundation laid by 111%, Gomble Games seeks to deliver skill-based, entertaining, and universally appealing casual games.